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Golden State Warriors, former NBA player host free holiday event at Bayview Hunters Point...

Mistah FAB on Festus Ezali: “Where you are not just showing up but spending time and allocating resources shows a lot. So when he asked me to accompany him, it was a no brainer.”

Monday: Oakland City Council to vote on Gaza ceasefire resolution in special session

Supporting an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza are 66% of all Americans, over 80% of Democrats, and growing numbers of elected officials, including city council and Congress members.

Diamonds drenched in blood: Unmasking Israel’s role in the Congolese crisis

The Israeli diamond industry garners prestigious accolades and recognition at home -- starkly contrasting with its role in fueling conflict and destabilization in resource-rich nations like the Congo.

SF African American Chamber hosts global women business leaders in the Bayview during APEC

The conversation centered around the challenges women around the world face in creating and running their businesses and what resources and support are available for women to launch and grow their enterprises.

APEC faceoff: Homeless in Gaza, homeless in Huchuin

They put up 12-foot-tall iron fences and have harassed and removed literally hundreds of houseless, disabled elders and folks holding on by a thread to “prepare” for APEC.

Hundreds of Bay Area Jews arrested in the Oakland Federal Building demanding ceasefire in...

"No matter how enlightened you are, if you don’t do something, if you don’t take action, this genocide will continue," said film director Boots Riley.

Mumia on Gaza: War against the fleas

The Palestinians are the indigenous people of the region. They are thus equivalent to the Navajo, Apache and Seminoles of the West, subjected to the settler colonialism of the invaders. It is they who have a right to exist.

Urban Alchemy, a model for hope in San Francisco’s street team landscape 

What sets Urban Alchemy apart is its composition of long-term offenders who have experienced the same conditions they now seek to improve.

City College set to collide with CSM football in the battle for the Bay...

"I think each year, City’s team gets better. We’ve had several excellent players and teams, but these players are stronger and faster.”

Back to Red Onion State Prison, site of entrenched racism and abuse

These super-max prisons – Red Onion and Wallen's Ridge – have never been needed. Every justification concocted for their ongoing operations has been exposed as a lie.

Nancy Cato helps us see ourselves through art

“It’s been a blast creating these images in one of the Blackest parts of San Francisco. It’s an honor."

The death of the Hip Hop legend: How corporate rap is killing the Hip...

In today’s era, where the motive is profit over cultural substance, artists are becoming disposable commodities with careers barely lasting a few years.

Child hands and legs and memory: two poems on Palestine

Not wanting to be one of the missing or one of the unable-to-be-identified killed, the little girl wrote on the inside of her palm in neat Arabic script, “If my hand survived, this is my name,” before she was slain.

Black contractors and workers are participating in SF’s $3 billion sewage treatment plant upgrade

By breaking down barriers to opportunity, the project helps local businesses to thrive and increases the pool of skilled craftworkers in the City, supporting sustainable, long-term economic growth in the community, the City and the region.