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Daily Archives: February 16, 2024

Black history: Time is elastic at Smith Clock Co.

For David Smith, restorer of grandfather clocks, time runs at various speeds: the stately historic time of the clocks, some from the 17th century; the efficient speed of his work as timepiece diagnostician; and the expansive pace of the raconteur who seems not to notice time’s passage.

Kalimba King Carl Winters provides the sound track for Black History Month

Carl Winters, the Kalimba King, will play jazz, blues, gospel and freedom and civil rights songs on 12 kalimbas (African thumb pianos) and let participants play them.

City College adopts a Green New Deal

“We all are responsible for turning the tide of climate change. As a public educational institution and one of the largest property owners in the Bay Area, we at City College have a moral responsibility to act and set an example for our young people and community.” - Alan Wong

Blue lies matter: How courts protect abusive cops and prison guards

Police and guard abuse is not and has never been about a few bad apples doing wrong. The entire legal system is structured to enable and protect abusers so they suffer no consequences for their offenses.