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Daily Archives: November 25, 2020

An interview with Damien Posey of US 4 US Bay Area

Bayview, San Francisco – Editor Malik Washington sits down with community leader and Bayview Hunters Point native Damien Posey, aka Uncle Damien.

Crane Place Apartments in Menlo Park opens studio waiting list – apply by Dec....

Apartments for Low-Income Seniors. The Studio waiting list for Crane Place Apartments will open on Monday, 11/23/2020, and run for 3 weeks through Friday, 12/11/2020.  During that...

Release – don’t transfer – 50,000 medically vulnerable people from California prisons

UCSF White Coats for Black Lives leaves no uncertainty how Gov. Gavin Newsom and his appointee, Kathleen Allison, are playing the shell game, toying with the lives of our elderly and infirmed caged community members, and all Californians. CDCr is exposing all of us to ravaging and likely death by COVID-19. Equally troubling is the mental torture of all prisoners, their families and loved ones.