In the spirit of liberation for the people: a New Afrikan analysis of Cuba & Haiti

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‘Patria o muerte’ – homeland or death. Those three words can be found all over Cuba: on graffiti, murals, government signs, state media, money. While alive, Fidel Castro repeated them often, turning them into a slogan emblazoned on the consciousness of the people; a definition of what it means to be a true Cuban after the 1959 revolution. But a song released in late February by a collaboration between Cuban musicians both off the island – including Grammy winner Descemer Bueno, rapper Yotuel, the reggaeton duo Gente de Zona – and dissident musicians on the island including Maykel Osorbo, Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara and El Funky, who are part of the grassroots San Isidro movement of artists and intellectuals combating the prohibition of artistic freedom, took those words and inverted their meaning. The song is called “Patria y Vida,” “Homeland and Life.” “Patria y Vida” has turned into a rallying cry and a powerful call for Cubans to abandon fear, speak truth to power and demand the island take care of their own as well as they take care of tourists and foreign interests. “Ya se acabó!” It’s over! Perhaps this is the new revolution.

by Jordan McGowan

You can’t fool all the people all of the time

But if you fool the right ones, then the rest will fall behind

Tell me who’s got control of your mind? your world view?

Is it the news or the movie you’re taking your girl to?

Know what I’m sayin’, cause Uncle Sam got a plan

If you examine what they tellin’ us, then you will understand

What they plantin’ in the seeds of the next generation

Feeding our children miseducation – Dead Prez

As Africans, New Afrikans inside the amerikkkan machine, it is imperative that we have an international perspective and analysis to unify with other peoples who comprise the Global South – other African, Black and Brown Indigenous Peoples. We must analyze nation-building on both sides of this war, given the divide between what is known as the West – kkkapitalist-imperialist kkkolonial-settler states such as amerikkka, israel, etc. – and The Global South – African, Black and Brown Indigenous People. 

We should not overlook that given the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Olympic Games was pushed until summer 2021, in what is being labeled the “post-pandemic” world. The term post-pandemic must also take into account the global unrest and people’s rebellions in the wake of the video of the George Floyd lynching. 

And in post-Trump amerikkka, there couldn’t be a more strategic time to build up nationalism and patriotism than through the Olympics – where New Afrikan athletes are expected to deliver gold medals for an empire that desperately needs to calm the revolutionary fever of New Afrikans. 

To accept this empire is to accept genocide as if assimilated access into the kkkolony would spare the lives of our brothas and sistas.

This “post-pandemic” time epoch also comes after the election of kkkamala harris which is another reminder that electoral political “victories” never materialize into liberation for the people; yet Africans, New Afrikans, are expected to accept these symbolic victories as progress in our fight for freedom and liberation. 

To accept this empire is to accept genocide as if assimilated access into the kkkolony would spare the lives of our brothas and sistas in the depths of the hell in which amerikkka places our people. 

This amerikkkan patriotic propaganda machine is constantly bombarding our mind but it is also clearly based on lies as Queen Motha Assata Shakur said: “Everything is a lie in Amerika. The thing that keeps it going is that so many people believe in the lie.”

While the kkkolony utilizes their propaganda machine in one of the most effective manners in history; we must be highly critical as African, New Afrikan People of accepting any amerikkkan information without critical analysis. In the case of Cuba, we must assess history to understand the cause of what we are witnessing currently in this geo-political time frame. 

amerikkka has been at war with Cuba since Castro and Che overthrew Batista. Those who argue that Castro was a dictator and forced their families to flee must be reminded that those who fled from Castro’s administration’s “persecution” were slave plantation owners who were exploiting the masses of the people – enemies of the people. 

Fidel declared amerikkka “the enemy of the world” and survived 638 amerikkkan attempts on his life.

Castro and Che established literacy programs, provided free healthcare and education to the people after the revolution. They kicked out the amerikkkan casinos and companies that were exploiting Cuba. 

Fidel declared amerikkka “the enemy of the world,” whooped the amerikkkans at the Bay of Pigs, survived 638 amerikkkan attempts on his life, met with Minister Malcolm X and regular brothas in Harlem, provided political asylum for Assata Shakur and he sent troops to The Continent. 

How could we as African, New Afrikan People not support the Cuban Revolution and Fidel Castro? The only people who condemn Fidel are the imperialists, and as El Comandante, Fidel Castro, so beautifully said: “Condemn me. It does not matter. History will absolve me.”

Cuba and its people have been under attack from the amerikkkan government through military campaigns like Operation Mongoose as well as illegal embargoes for 50 plus years. So why else would the amerikkkan government now be concerned? This is a political play for amerikkka to take control of the Caribbean and what is called Latin America. 

Look at what happened recently in Bolivia, the push to make Puerto Rico a state, Cuba and Haiti. It is vital to note regarding Cuba that amerikkkan company USAid founded ZunZuneo, a “bare-bones Cuban Twitter” meant to cause dissent inside and outside of Cuba and turn public support away from communism with carefully framed propaganda. 

This is a prototypical amerikkkan misinformation propaganda campaign that is reminiscent of COINTELPRO. We must reject the oppressor’s narrative; we must be analytical as we begin to look at the whole region through a strategic lens and how the imperialists are looking to capture the land for neo-kkkolonialism.

Haitian-flag, In the spirit of liberation for the people: a New Afrikan analysis of Cuba & Haiti, World News & Views
According to Haitian folklore, revolutionary leader Jean Jacques Dessalines created the flag after a battle against the French army in 1803. He took a red, white and blue French flag and tore out the white part to symbolize getting rid of white French slave masters. He gave the remaining pieces to his goddaughter, Catherine Flon, who sewed the first Haitian flag. “The flag is a symbol of our identity and unity,” said Father Reginald Jean-Marie, a Notre Dame pastor. “Our ancestors were successful in giving us the flag because they were united. The motto on the flag is ‘L’Union Fait La Force,’ unity makes strength.”

This brings us to Haiti – the first free Black nation. But because of that fact – that a liberated Black nation stands as an example to Africans globally that kkkolonialism can fall – the West has been at war with its development through all possible tactics and efforts. Haiti suffers from the vestiges of french kkkolonialism evident through its class system and national debt, a debt that stems from reparations paid to France for the loss of property (enslaved Africans) in the wake of Haitian independence. 

It is with this lens that we must understand how these political-economic policies have left Haiti with little chance to stand strong against outside interests under the guise of aid. As Thomas Sankara taught us, “He who feeds you controls you.”

The amerikkkan government has had its hands in controlling Haiti for a very long time, even occupying Haiti from 1915 to 1934 after a presidential assassination, not to mention the U.N. occupation after an amerikkkan-backed coup in 2004. Amerikkka believes in imperialism, and in typical amerikkkan fashion the imperialist will play both sides of a conflict in order to gain leverage. The recent assassination of President Moise is a clear example of this. 

Moise won the 2016 election and yet by 2019 there was unrest and people’s rebellions popping up amid cries and demands for Moise’s resignation after it became clear he was no longer looking to serve the interests of the people. Moise refused to leave office earlier this year, 2021, and was looking to amend the Haitian Constitution in order to stay in power until 2026, which only increased the revolutionary spirit inside Haiti amongst the people. 

However, the Western media propaganda machine has continuously told us that gangs were fighting in the street, but what wasn’t said was that these gangs were unifying with each other under a revolutionary ideology. And through it all, the amerikkkan government, from Trump to Biden, supported Moise staying in power. Then in March 2021, executive war criminal Joe Biden told the people of Haiti looking for a safe haven that they would not be welcome in the “land of liberty.”

“Everything is a lie in Amerika. The thing that keeps it going is that so many people believe in the lie.” – Assata Shakur

With so much unrest in the region, it only seems logical that the amerikkkans realized this was an opportunity to take control of the Caribbean through a calculated mission similar to how Operation Condor was utilized in Latin America. Operation Condor was the amerikkkan backed campaign to push out leftist opposition to amerikkkan interests in South America through assassinations and misinformation campaigns. 

As more information comes out in regard to the assassination of Moise, it is becoming more evident of amerikkka’s role within the operation. Initial video evidence showed a man yelling “DEA” but the amerikkkan government was quick to deny any involvement. 

However, 13 of the 15 suspects in the assassination were Colombian military members, and who is it that has had close ties to and trains the Colombian military? The amerikkkan military and CIA. 

Amerikkka and its politicians have no qualms about their relationship with Colombia either, with Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, D-Vermont, stating: “The Colombian army, which we have supported for 20 years, has a long history of targeting civilians, violating the laws of war and not being accountable.” 

What does it say about amerikkka if they are willing to support that type of regime? It shows that amerikkkan imperialism is at work devoid of ethics, laws or morals.

The amerikkkan government has run this exact play in numerous regions throughout the world as history shows in order to take control of resources, to quash opposition to its racist kkkapitalist-imperialist interests and quell the people’s revolution. The amerikkkan propaganda machine is operating to swell amerikkka’s united patriotism so that any political play is supported under the guise of promoting democracy. 

This play is as old as it gets, yet I feel too many Africans, New Afrikans may not see the way in which amerikkka has successfully convinced us to sway our support in amerikkkan interests and I believe we must correctly analyze history and the current conditions for us to develop a proper conclusion. 

We must reject imperialist talking points. The only aid Cuba needs is an end to these fascist embargoes. 

We must be vigilant to ensure Haiti remains a free nation and work to develop Haiti into a self-determined sovereign African nation. These nations must be supported in nation building and we must find unity amongst the likes of Cuba, Haiti and African, New Afrikan People everywhere.

In the Spirit of the Liberation of the People!

Free The Land

Free The People

Jordan McGowan, M.Ed., is a Black educator with the Neighbor Program in Nisenan Land (Sacramento). He can be reached at @coach_jmcgowan and @neighborprogram.