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Daily Archives: October 1, 2021

Why Black Brothas shouldn’t call themselves the n-word (nigga)!

Here with clarity and conviction are the reasons why writer Oba Lee Frelimo finds calling ourselves or anyone ‘nigga’ is the foulest disrespect.

Daphne Young’s eye on education: ‘What’s going on?’

Daphne Young is shining bright in her new column with current information to keep parents, students and community educated.

Open letter to SFUSD: Don’t blame the literacy crisis on the children

Reading education and literacy crisis in SFUSD described in details pointed out by SF resident and grandmother, Silvia Briseno.

Alameda County has resources for rent relief!

Rent moratorium ended Sept. 30 and money is available to help as Alameda County accepts and processes applications from renters and small landlords.

San Francisco District Attorney’s Office files numerous charges against San Francisco sheriff’s deputy

DA Chesa Boudin is not shying away from holding bad cops accountable.

Black joy, healing and art in the park: SF’s Presidio opens up the ‘My...

The parks offered options for relief during the onslaught of the pandemic, and now the creations culminating from these adventures into the unknown.

GirlFly Poetry

Young GirlFly women diving into and expressing deep connections from Quesada Gardens.

Paying for universal health care

Politicians are paid to resist and We the People must get involved for any hope of a better health care system.

Wanda’s Picks for October 2021

It’s all one great energy, one great vibration or energy that breathes for all life. We need to use intention to tune our souls so we can charge our human battery to capacity. - Wanda Sabir

Pierre Labossiere speaks of solidarity against Haitian deportations protest

Pierre LaBossier, founder of Haiti Action Committee, speaks at a protest against brutal deportations of Haitians.

Dee, co-owner of Hey Neighbor Cafe

Nube Brown interviews Dee, co-owner of Hey Neighbor Cafe in SF’s Portola neighborhood.

2255 Taraval offers 3-bedroom affordable apartment – apply by Oct. 29

Below Market Rate (BMR) Rental Apartments Available 2255 Taraval Apartments at 2410 33rd Avenue, San Francisco, California 94116 One Three Bedroom at $2284.00 a month One parking...