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Changing the narrative: City College

City College of San Francisco is coming into this upcoming season with a chip on its shoulder.

Black Restaurant Week covered the diaspora of African-influenced food from Northern Cali testaurants

Black Restaurant week offers a variety of great cuisines!

It’s bigger than Banko Brown

The community must advocate, listen and seek to understand a section of Blackness that at times seems voiceless.

Community Window on Environmental Exposures    

“The Navy disputes that the site harms the health of area residents. Doctors who launched an effort to test families for exposure disagree.” – Washington Post, May 7, 2023

Diamano Coura dance company is performing in the SF Internat’l Arts Fest on June...

The Diamano Coura dance company will be performing the Brava Theater as a part of the San Francisco International Arts Festival Saturday June 17.

San Francisco Black Film festival will be coming soon!

Only in your hands is your life worth living. Only you can make yourself free.

The San Francisco Unified School District is in unprecedented peril: interview with Kevine Boggess,...

Today, Black students are some of the worst performing students in the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) academically

Oakland Carnival is set to run!

"Oakland Carnival is held in the spirit of community and cooperation."

Oakland’s Inspector General Michelle Phillips talks community oversight of the OPD

The Office of the Inspector General is one of the entities set up to increase community oversight over the Oakland Police Department

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins’ approval stays at record low after her refusal to charge...

Check out the words of Attorney Geoffrea Morris, as she breaks down the murder of Banko Brown

Speaking of Crack …

“Three Strikes and You’re Out” resulted in people going in young and spending their entire life in prison for offenses that should never have been felonies.

Mayor and DA give OK for open season on Black lives

Black people should be eyeing our leadership closely when it comes to this case.

Reparations: Now and forever!

All across America people are beginning to look at reparations from a realistic perspective, turning ideas into actions, and actions into real deal results.

Black San Franciscans’ overdose death rate is five times above the citywide rate

If the crisis continues at the present rate, there will be 804 deaths in 2023 alone, of which 241 are Black. We are in a state of emergency.

Black New World Media Awards night is coming June 3 at the African American...

Come out and celebrate the achievements of Black Media makers

The reigning queen of conscious Hip Hop: Sa-Roc speaks

My music has always been a reflection or an extension of who I am as a person

Is Black-originated culture a social justice ‘warrior’ blind spot?

To see our powerful culture and its curriculum – rooted in Black history and self-empowerment – be denied in places where it is arguably needed the most is an affront in this otherwise activist driven environment.

‘Prison Lives Matter: Liberate Our Elders’ webinar Aug. 4-6

The holding of international tribunals, developing The People’s Senate, and organizing national strategy is how we gain our freedom.

Dialogue with a gangsta

A revolutionary love will free us!

Cracking the sobriety code

Trent Taylor shares the code of sobriety