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Monthly Archives: June 2023

Militant prisoners made zombies: Mental health politics of Ohio State Prison

Society must be transformed. The quality of life for humans must be increased with the system of mental health at the forefront for change.

Are you ready for World War?

There are no winners in a World War!

‘Fantastic Negrito: Have you lost your mind yet?’ a review

Fantastic Negrito, having gone through many stages and names throughout his career, has understood the struggle one must go through to walk on the other side freer – more true to your being and the story you wish to tell.

Numskull’s View: Looking at the history of Bay Area Hip Hop

Numskull of the Luniz gets candid in this interview!

Black Unity Council relaunches!

The first CommUNITY Town Hall is slated for August with a unique format that will feature topical information presented by community members coupled with time for intentional community building.

My Cuban Diary: June 2023

In early June, I took a trip to Cuba to see for myself what was going on within their revolutionary process.

Got reparations? For 21 questions, Menhuam Ayele has 21 answers

In the book “Got Reparations? 21 Questions, 21 Answers,” author Menhuam Ayele lays out some basic principles of what reparations means for Black people in America

Annual Ohlone ‘Big Time’ Gathering & Pow Wow 2023

The struggle for Black Liberation and Native American Indian Decolonization go hand in hand.

Lady Namastizzle’s movement is to bring cannabis yoga to the Bay’s Black and Brown...

The Yogi spaces didn’t reflect what I needed or who I was. So I decided to be what I needed for myself.

Bill requiring state to house incarcerated parents close to their children passes Senate Public...

AB 1226 requires an incarcerated parent or legal guardian of a minor child be placed in a correctional facility that's closest to their child’s home

WAA REEM: International Fashion and Music Week in San Francisco June 16-18

The WAA REEM concept, which means in Burkina Faso-West African language “Come and have fun or come enjoy the vibe,” is an idea born in 2013 in Africa

Malcolm X and Music

Musicians did their part to keep Malcolm’s name alive

Oakland Strokes Youth Summer workshops teach the sport of rowing

We run summer camps in June out at San Pablo reservoir and in July at our boathouse in Oakland. We host Learn to Row days for organizations and schools we partner with as well.

Wordsmith extraordinaire Meres-Sia Gabriel ventures off into Soul Poetry at the De Young Museum...

Soul poet Meres-Sia Gabriel will perform poetry at the De Young Museum June 17 in San Francisco

Shoplifting on stolen land: debt-lying, surviving and dying from hunger

Bread lines, free boxes and saviors are not what poor people need or want. We need wealth-hoarders to transform into radical redistributors, Mama Earth de-occupiers, ComeUnity Reparators and change-makers.

New Ebony Alert brings new attention to an old issue

Black women need community support and oversight to keep us all safe!

Why are people sick and dying on former Naval Station Treasure Island in San...

On Treasure Island, new highrises are sprouting skyward but no one seems to be paying attention to the danger from the ubiquitous radiation.

In Haiti, ‘gang warfare’ is a cover for imperialist intervention

We think it’s time for people who are in the progressive and left movements to take a serious look at the importance of Haiti

KPFA’s legendary Hard Knock Radio journalist Anita Johnson talks about her journey in media

Anita Johnson is a legendary journalist and talented audio engineer.

‘Crawfish: We the Invisible’ tackles homelessness in a theatrical production

I want people to not blame the victim. I want to attach a face and a life’s history to a growing human condition.