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Horticulturist and herbalist Lea Jones talks about the relationship between humans and plants

Lea Jones is a modern day medicine-lady in the traditional way, where she is not only a plant scientist, but she also communicates with plants and the land in a way that is not taught in Western schools.

Letter from Dr. Tolbert Small to the family of Dr. Mutulu Shakur 

Whenever the oppressed pick up arms, Mutulu lives. Whenever our children and grandchildren resist tyranny, racism and oppression, Mutulu lives!

Dr. Mutulu Shakur presente

His service to the Black community wasn’t just in revolutionary activism, but as a doctor of acupuncture, where he treated addicted drug users and AIDS patients.

It’s past time for us to demand the freedom of Imam Jamil Al-Amin!

Imam Jamil Al-Amin has been sitting and rotting away in a cement box, currently in Arizona, for the last 21 years, as retribution from the U.S. government for his past political career standing up - as H. Rap Brown - in the Black Power movement. 

Free fruit trees for Oakland residents

Oakland has the lowest life expectancy in Alameda county, due to the poor air quality.

Bullying while Black

Bullying can be one of the number one causes for a person’s declining self-esteem and self-worth. In 1997 the California Department of Education collaborated with certain counties to address the issue of bias and hate speech and they also provided training to board members to help recognize bias in school.

Black New World Media Awards healing, validating – a success!

“It’s a night of Black Power to honor the people doing the work right now,” said Allyssa Victory, the night’s master of ceremony.

All about the online show ‘Resolving Racism’

Our goal is to point out the fact that America doesn’t soar because it isn’t an eagle. And if we want America to get to eagle status, its whole make-up needs to change.

What is the price of justice? Alameda County DA Pam Price speaks candidly

There has been a political action committee created to recall you. When you opened more than a half a dozen police misconduct cases, did you expect this kind of backlash?

Local Top Chef puts it all on the table

So, while the nation may know Chef German for his tv appearance on Top Chef, many locally know him as a supporter of the Bay Area and all its local goodness.

California Journalism Preservation Act benefits major media but Black media must do for self!

Freedom of speech and press is not only a constitutional right but it’s a God given human right granted by universal law.

Meeting Erykah Badu on the #UnfollowMe tour

"When she came in, everyone was quiet and super starstruck. We all gathered around her, and she greeted us."

Num’s World: interview wit’ Numskull of the Luniz, Part 2

"Music ain’t over because we are creative people so we are gonna always make music, but are we gonna make money at it? That’s the thing."

American Fray

o2 The Good Bad Guy's new poem!

‘92 gang truce anniversary

The Black Panther Party is also a global phenomenon. The spirit of the Panther is the cure for the Black tribal and fratricidal cancer.

Humanity’s plea: Free Mumia

Jamal Hart Jr, the grandson of political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal, Zaire Saunders, the copy editor of the SF Bay View newspaper and writer Robbie Jackson were at an event on June 4 at the PSL office in San Francisco discussing the many injustices in Mumia’s case.

Driverless car company Waymo’s attack on Uber and Lyft drivers in San Francisco...

Driverless cars are taking the jobs of  tens of thousands of people in the local shared car economy as well as habitually stopping traffic during rush hour and in emergency situations.

Frisco’s Vegan Hood Chefs are taking tastebuds by storm

We are from Bayview Hunters Point (Ronnishia) and Lakeview (Rheema). Food has always been a part of my life and a huge staple in my family and community. I can’t remember a time in my life where my family didn’t convene or share stories over meals.

‘The Blackening’ is a horror movie for even the scariest of cats

This quintessential FUBU film “invites everyone in the audience to feel included in its diabolically socially competitive, naughty-clever games.”

First the Ebony Alert – now what?

“When we first started pushing all this, we were talking about the missing women and girls. But guess what? There are more missing Black boys than girls. We always ignore our Black boys. We ignore them until they are killing someone.”