Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Yearly Archives: 2022

My cancer diagnosis and the disease of denied prison medical care

On July 1, 2022, I was informed by a prison doctor here at Virginia’s Nottoway Correctional (sic!) Center (NCC) that I had tested positive for prostate cancer.

Teakakez Comedy Lounge is at Zanzi’s in Oakland on July 5

The dynamic duo of Pam and DJ have done a superb job at putting together a quality monthly event that comedians and the crowd can get excited about.

Asante! Free ‘em all! Pt. 2

By design, hypocrisy rules supreme[acy] of the united snakes of amerika.

The voiceless platform 

What does ‘powerless’ look like?

Hard fought fee waiver opens Homefulness to the homeless 

Homefulness victory over fees and permits as weapons of violence against vulnerable people.

Remembering John W. Smith Jr., longtime ‘Mayor of Potrero Hill’ 1947-2022

John W. Smith remembered as powerful in his persistence to act for sustained vitality of his community in the midst of brutal gentrification.

Jason Walker: Each move is far worse than the last

This is my ninth unit transfer since 2019 for threats of violence, assault, extortion and retaliation because of my publishing. Call the authorities to keep Jason alive.

Just released: ACLU report finds widespread coercion of incarcerated workers across U.S. is slavery

ACLU issues damning report on evidence of plantation slavery culture in today’s prisons.


In response to the SF Civil Grand Jury report, Dr. Sumchai counter-punches with proposed next steps to address deadly Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Attention California Black contractors!

Wake up, People, Jim Crow is back!

Abort the patriarchy! Abolish slavery! Dance to life!

Transitions, struggles, victories and reminders from a walk in June with Baba Jahahara.

The greatest love

Struggle infused with loving determination makes the prize possible.

Haiti: The ransom is still being paid

Message to Haiti from u.s. empire and friends : You can pay to exist; we rule.

Liberate the Caged Voices

Elders, after decades still held in California prisons, bring real solutions to societal problems in the ‘free’ world.

Get ready to commemorate Black August

Why do we commemorate and what is Black August?

California Reparations Task Force supports anti-slavery language legislation ACA3 

Ending all vestiges of slavery in California is possible with unified efforts like ACA3 and California Reparations.

‘We’re still here’: Kevin Epps celebrates 20 years of ‘Straight Outta Hunters Point’

“Home. Bayview. Means a lot to me.” – Kevin Epps

Arieann Harrison continues her mother’s environmental justice advocacy for Bayview Hunters Point

Since 1974 and still, shamelessly causing disease and death to current and passed/past residents of Bayview Hunters Point – Lennar and Five Point, Tetra Tech EC and the u.s. Navy.

What is Revolutionary Huemanism and The Agreement to Come Home?

Elder abuse is not unique to medical settings; it is prevalent in prisons, with impunity.

Songs of tribute to Paul Redd, home with the ancestors

Roaring free, Paul Redd transitions to the ancestors in the brilliance of a love remembered and shared by Brothas.