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Yearly Archives: 2022

In 60 days a PA judge will determine if political prisoner Mumia gets new...

The ”Mumia Exceptions” and “Mumia Laws” are real – and damning.

Keep the curtains open

Support new and sustained energy of our Bay Area Black youth creatives!

The WHY of the Prisoner Subscription Fund

Once you know, you can never not know the call to political activism, be it behind the wall or on the street.

Soulguard Wadiya

Their fire burns eternal.

The WHY of the Prisoner Subscription Fund

This is a real war for truth and justice.

A call to action – back to the future

Focus highlights prisoners responsibility to be released as persons worthy of being released to our communities.

The dismal state of OUSD: A talk with Board Director VanCedric Williams 

Williams talks frankly about some of the colossal challenges facing OUSD and how the charter school movement has become more entrenched in the town.

Evil eye – modern surveillance

“My words strung together: dangerous contraband”

Segregated or integrated housing

Right Thing = reverse 80% market rate/20% affordable with 80% affordable/20% market.

All power to the Peoples

Until Black people are free, no people are free.

Insurrection is ‘racial backlash,’ says Stanford Prof. Hakeem Jefferson

How we understand the assessment of the Jan. 6 insurrection will determine the necessary responses.

Ishmael Reed tackles racial dynamics of the ‘22 SF School Board Recall in new...

Recalled board members' views were smothered by the Jim Crow media and think tanks aligned with the eugenics movement – like the Manhattan Institute.

SFPD’s killer robots are off the table for now 

The world is watching as SFPD is foiled at building out its program to kill even more Black and Brown people.

Tech comes to West Oakland: Bitwise Industries offers classes and job placement

Bitwise is opening doors and removing barriers to entry to those who are coming from poverty and/or stories of exclusion.

Why does the US want to keep Kagame in power in Rwanda?

Despite the threat of further terror, Rwandan genocide survivors write their stories so we, especially Americans, will know the truth about the U.S.-Kagame alliance.

Decolonizing homelessness: An origin story 

Our resistance must be rooted in Mama Earth's soil.

Prison Lives Matter!

Education builds a United Front, empowers self-determination and reaffirms We Are Our Own Liberators.

My media literacy class and the case of Political Prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal

JR Valrey at EOYDC is arming youth with education in the war against Black communities.

‘The Next Big Thing’: an interview with Bay Area Hip Hop mogul Big Rich

Big Rich is giving his all for young artists and community, and loving it.

The Wall: Behind and Beyond podcast

Podcast from inside gives voice to hope for change in the in-justice system.