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Daily Archives: September 1, 2020

Former Treasure Island resident announces hospitalization for coronavirus, implicating radioactive island dust

When we least expect it, trouble comes. “I came in contact with a door handle, now I got COVID-19. It’s bad enough my immune system is compromised. I have emphysema and I might not make it out of this.”

Urgent call to action: Rashid says, ‘They are trying to kill me’

From Pendleton Correctional Facility in Indiana, Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson is pleading for help after being attacked by another prisoner, his personal property being confiscated by prison staff and finally receiving disciplinary charges against him.

The Black Guerrilla Family is not a prison gang but an educational organization

BGF (Black Guerrilla Family) is not a prison gang, as some would have us believe. We dishonor ourselves and our society to forgo discernment and believe blindly what we are told. People are harmed by our complicit agreement with false narratives.