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Monthly Archives: January 2022

A call to support the men at Florida State Prison 

A desperate call for sustained public support for the people caged in Florida State Prison suffering continuous genocidal abuse and neglect by prison staff.

‘Fora Bolsonaro!’

Guyanese people let their leaders know they want no part of ties with Brazil’s fascist Bolsonaro killing regime.

Is herd immunity the secret policy in California prisons?

No prisoner should be dehumanized and treated or made to feel like a lab rat, physically and mentally tortured by her captors with genocidal acts.

A poverty skola was born in a porta potty ‘cause there is no room...

When the village gives love, creates trust and safety, and takes care of its people, the baby is always in home.

Go tella OurStories and futures

Baba Jahahara never disappoints in celebrating beautiful lives transitioning to the Ancestors, present unfoldings and future possibilities.

Cancer Alley at the Hunters Point Shipyard

Communities find hope and inspiration in the struggle for human rights being denied by government silence and corruption, corporate greed, environmental racism and systematic genocide.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s inaction holds prisoners beyond parole dates and at risk of...

The disinterested, empty response from Michigan Gov. Gretchen, to Rand Gould reveals a common thread of cold disregard for those captured and caged by the state.

Open Prison Initiative

The prison industrial complex will continue to operate in its slave plantation manner until the We the People say NO MORE! We Are Our Own Liberators! – Jalil Muntaqim

Happy 100th birthday, Queen Izola of Bayview Hunters Point!

Love in living is reason for celebration – Happy 100th Birthday beautiful Human Queen Izola!

College in Covid: A nightmare of access for Poor, Black, Brown, Indigenous and Disabled...

Community Colleges, under funding threats due to severely low enrollment, would benefit by offering clean slate programs to Poor, Black, Brown and Disabled students.

Destroying the master’s tools: Soledad State Prison’s anti-Black racism and why we should choose...

Twisting the narrative around the prison system to be comfortable is like drinking a glass of lumpy sour milk imagining it to be a milkshake – not real, or productive.

Jazz fusion band TBA is taking the Bay by storm

JR Valrey’s interview confirms no humdrumming happening here as badass TBA band lights it up in the Bay!

Roads and Reparations: How highway construction hardened discrimination

A look at transportation infrastructure’s racial and genocidal practices against Black, Brown and poor communities, and plans for the fix.

Support Nikole Hannah-Jones and ‘The 1619 Project’!

We are at war and it is our duty to arm ourselves with facts to fight for truth.

She worked for the Black press for over 48 years

Transitioning to the ancestors, Gail Cordelia Berkley-Armstrong is remembered with honor and deep gratitude. Rest in Peace and Power.

My return to Virginia: A tribute to people power

This is what commitment looks like – day to day, every day – Truth to Power, by any means necessary.

Houston Grub Park: Food and food trucks are the core of the culture

The way Eric Hunter described his trip to Houston made me want to book my first, and mouth-watering at that, flight to Houston immediately!

Fair warning: Part II

This segment of the saga on Treasure Island highlights a ‘walk past Arsenic Park’ through the Navy’s toxic dump.

Delinquents rapper V. White authors new bike set book ‘Body Baggers’

Rapper author Vidal Prevost aims to share art through his fictional story about a growing boy to man as witness to an esoteric lifestyle.

More Wanda’s Picks for January 2022

Wanda Sabir offers great reading options in toasty coziness against the chill of winter’s breath outside.