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Black-led organizations are more critical than ever 

Though Black-led non-profit organizations have been on the front lines working with all marginalized communities, we have been systematically under-resourced and under-funded.

Fentanyl: The San Francisco travesty

Fentanyl is as deadly as it gets, and a SF pandemic neglected and ignored by our civil electeds – a quiet tool of genocide used by the system against the People.

Author Felicia Gangloff-Bailey mourns her daughter and writes a book on grief

In the depths of grief, Felicia Gangloff-Bailey discovered an expanding horizon of love and the unfolding journey there.

New COVID data shows more disparities for our kids in SF

Data gathering shows that disparities continue in COVID vaccination access for race and ethnic groups, notably Black and African American students.

Local entrepreneur Kehinde Koyejo used the pandemic to get her life on track

Kehinde Koyejo’s embodiment of Black Love in process is intoxicating, and essential on the road to liberation.

Student workers to demand UC end devastating on-campus rent burden at massive rally Thursday,...

In an act of genocide, slow though it may be, the UC corporate entity is complicit in sustaining the oppression of Black, Brown, Indigenous and poor working students.

OUSD closures: Education gentrification hits Deep East Oakland and we fight back

Twenty-four days ago, OUSD announced the closure of over 19 schools with a majority of Black, Brown and very-low and no-income students in Oakland.

Trader Joe’s Daly City pressured to take down Black History Month decorations

And the reason given wins the grand prize for top-rung Capitalism!

A community in the crosshairs: Supervisors move to instate a toll that will hurt...

Suspicions of gentrification grow as the Treasure Island toll picture comes more clearly into focus for TI residents.

Students, parents and community are hunger striking, protesting Oakland’s school closings in Black and...

The elitist oppressor’s closing of schools serving Black and Brown students is the square peg slipped deftly into the round hole of intentional genocide.

Gentrifying Treasure Island takes a toll

With a plethora of vaguarities and rush to implement the new toll plan, new questions form about the future of the Treasure.

Chesa Boudin on SFPD’s withdrawal from police violence accountability agreement

SFDA Chesa Boudin stays the course, committed to safety for San Franciscans and accountability for deadly police behavior, regardless of Police Chiefs, or whomever, say they don’t want to play anymore.

Berkeley PD delays prosecution in murder of Stephen ‘Zumbi’ Gaines at Alta Bates Hospital 

“Stephen Gaines, best known as Zumbi of Zion I, was my son. I am dedicated to seeking justice for his killing.”

Oakland producer Spear of the Nation resurrects three-fourths of the Far Side, formerly Pharcyde,...

Fatlip, Slimkid Tre and Imani are back in the lab creating on top of production from Oakland’s own Spear of the Nation.

‘Sylvie’s Love,’ a Valentine’s gift: It’s delightfully chocolate!

Turn your lights down low and get into your most comfortable position with your boo and enjoy “Silvie’s Love.” It’s magical!

Is there any way you can get closer to home? A letter from the...

Cries for help are continuous from prisoners barely surviving the prison conditions in California, and everywhere in the U.S., – filthy, inhumane, dangerous and shameful.

Affordable studio and 1-bedroom waiting list for Crane Place Apartments in Menlo Park is...

Apartments for Low-Income Seniors. Crane Place Apartments is a federally-subsidized housing community in Menlo Park, California. The Studio and 1-bedroom waiting list for Crane Place Apartments...

Black leaders demand inclusion of Black contractors on $60 million in Oakland paving contracts

The power of continuous vigilance and voice is necessary to stop genocidal extraction acts of racist capitalist imperialism in Oakland, and everywhere.