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Monthly Archives: September 2022

It feels good to give them the best

Services in place for people with mental health and substance abuse challenges are glaringly not enough.

No mourning the criminal imperial(ist) monarchies!

Baba Jahahara shines the light on brilliant lives lived, reparations not mourning, victories won and the struggle ahead.

Black and beautiful, out and proud: Why Black queer visibility matters

Invisibility is not an option in reality.

No shipyard land transfer unless it’s 100% clean

“(T)he number one goal for the shipyard has to be and should be 100% complete cleanup.” This should be done before “the transfer of any land to the City.” – Supervisor Shamann Walton

Treasure Island resident: It’s test time for Matt Dorsey

When Supervisor Dorsey sees a thousand or more real, actual living people literally about to be made homeless by something as arbitrary and callous as an eviction lottery, does he care?

How to make Shakespeare immersive 

What is fictional reality, really?

EOYDC’s free after-school program has 10 openings for middle school students

The East Oakland Youth Development Center has room for 10 more middle school students in its Bridge after-school program. Fun and a rich source of knowledge!

Open the courts: 150 San Franciscans jailed without trial

Lock ‘em up, indefinitely, without trial, kids included – ongoing at plantation San Francisco.

Poetry from the inside: Virtuous shade

Poetically considering his self . . .

Rehabilitation counselor, poet and photographer Beth Johnson passes

Beth Johnson designed her own unique adventure for a life fully experienced and shared.

Bayview youth still barred from bus to Alice Fong Yu

Why is Alice Fong Yu willing to spend so much energy to place obstacles in a child’s path to education?

OUSD adds insult to injury after school shooting

Is Oakland as determined as it appears to be to terminate not only teachers, but education itself?

‘We Were Hyphy’ at the Oakland Int’l Film Fest shows how to gentrify a...

This is what culture vulturism looks like.

UCSF study on long COVID: San Francisco, San Mateo residents urged to share their...

Most impacted by COVID, Black and Latinx communities will benefit from long COVID study.

How will Oakland’s future mayor bring back the Town that made them so proud?

The next mayor can truly “pivot” and help Oakland invest in making its Black arts and entertainment into a tourist destination.

Oakland filmmaker Adrian Burrell’s ‘The Game God(S)’ is a must see at the Oakland...

Burrell indicts a destructive system and inquires about dreams and nightmares, heroes and villains.

The 20th annual Oakland International Film Festival is Sept. 15-24

The festival fits the call for films that inspire others, on all imaginable levels.

Oakland Int’l Film Fest’s ‘Young Bucks’ explores today’s Black cowboy culture

‘Young Bucks’ offers soul feeding from once obscure part of Black culture history.

Isolation as ‘rehabilitation’

Again, bright light shines on the inhumane and genocidal systems of  u.s. prison plantations today.

Central Brooklyn to East Oakland: ‘The Sun Rises in the East’ at Oakland Int’l...

“The East’s particular brand of Black activism – independent and intensely proud – has reverberated for generations.”