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2022 October

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Vote Yes on I (Include Everyone) and No on J (Just Elites)

Don't let drive-by views go by the wayside. Open up JFK Drive! Vote Yes on I and No on J!

Mobilize our critical votes by 8 November! 

Love Self and Planet! Organize! Unite! Strategize! VOTE!

Stop locking us out! Hire Black developers! 

Just because it’s black doesn’t mean it’s Black.

Mumia Abu-Jamal denied a new trial

By blatantly dismissing new evidence, ‘til now buried in the prosecutors own files, the racist court confirms its intent for innocent captive Mumia to die in prison.

San Francisco DA’s Office of Child Abuse

The message is clear: the village will defend the children by any means necessary.

Prison Radio demands treatment for Rashid’s cancer

This a call for We the People to counter the prison system’s strategic tactic of medical neglect and denial with intentional genocide of political prisoners.

We need your help – they’re killing us

Alabama striking prisoners are asking the world to hold America responsible, and Alabama to hold ADOC accountable, for decades and current human rights violations.

Born with a silver spoon: Taking responsibility for your own actions

Building your best human requires sobriety –  the work to get there and remain there.

Ceasing to practice the gang lifestyle wasn’t enough

How to be the illuminated beacon of the seeds of a new social order.

Former data worker files claim against DA Brooke Jenkins for retaliatory firing

Interim-DA fires worker for previous support of recalled DA Chesa Boudin.

Reflections: We are the sons

When nothing is legal except wealth and power – what shall we do?

Prison Lives Matter!

Elder Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War are trying to survive the other death sentence of medical neglect and abuse – intended genocide by the state.

3rd Street mural banks on the Black community

“This is more than an area where Black people live. This is Black history. This is Black joy.”

Donald Lacy: Celebrate LoveLife Foundation’s 25th anniversary

Entering Oakland, there are jewels to be found being nurtured by tragedy.

Visit the ancient Mayans at Tulum Ruins

The door is open to a place most of us have never been, a people none of us knew and an opportunity to feel the essence of the Mayan people.

Which candidate for supervisor will treat Treasure Islanders right?

Read here to sort out TI issues and how you will VOTE to serve your needs.

Dr. Sumchai declares a Local Public Health Emergency in Bayview Hunters Point

Declaration opens door to exercise extraordinary power to respond to imminent and proximate threats to human health and safety.

After failed psych exams, 47 Alameda County deputy sheriffs hired are now under investigation 

We lose with Alameda County Sheriff’s Department dangerously low standards of work and accountability.

San Francisco’s new DA seeks to increase youth in prisons over youth at the...

SF interim DA Jenkins’ values are all wonked up.

Hunters Point rhyme-sayer Footz da Beast is lyrically steppin on his opposition

Frisco rapper on the label of an Oakland rapper – sharin the love!