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2022 October

Monthly Archives: October 2022

Oct. 26: Oppose US and UN military intervention in Haiti!

The US financing of the repressive Haitian National Police has been extensive, increasing in correlation with paramilitary death squads.

The Bay View’s new print layout

The print Bay View has a whole new face! Subscribe today for the latest in radical Black news!

Bayview’s demands for SFUSD: Fair pay for teachers and racial equity

“It is really really hard to have 31 students in my mathematics classroom and I don’t know how I’m going to buy groceries.” 

Interim-DA Brooke Jenkins poised to abandon police accountability

“If Jenkins wins, I believe the plan is to dismiss the case of the officer who murdered my nephew.”

LA City Hall scandal: Top Dem leaders have long worked to dismantle what is...

Every vote ever cast by Martinez, Cedillo and de Leon that had anything to do with Black people needs to be re-examined.

Oakland mayoral race: a flip of the coin

Again, we're having to choose from among less-than-promising candidates.

First African-born Black Nebula Award winner faces death threats & hostile embassy to attend...

Undaunted by negative forces, Oghenechovwe stays the course on the no-stress-express.

From Wood Street to where do we go?

Gov. Newsom forces mass eviction of people from their homes in Oakland’s thriving Wood Street community.

Lennar-funded CAC can’t be trusted with Shipyard oversight

The Sunshine Ordinance Task Force’s three year investigation confirms the activities of the Hunters Point Shipyard CAC are fully funded by Master Developer Lennar/Five Point.

Rita Forte: From KMEL’s DJ backside to Olive Street Agency owner

Rita Forte: I believe there are hidden gems of greatness in East Oakland, from artists to businesses and more, that need to be marketed.

Poetry from the inside: Say their names

The poet asks a thoughtful question: “Cuz Brothers and Sisters ain’t you tired of marching?”

Cold, brown water at Fillmore’s Plaza East!

SF City and County could make headlines if they actuated some love and respect on resident Black people and workers.

Zero accountability! Part 2

The term “health care” in prisons does not apply and rarely supplied.

Retaliatory officer snatches medical parole from Elder Sitawa

Elder Sitawa carries one weapon, contraband in the prison system – love.

The quick, dangerous, dirty development of the Hunters Point Shipyard

How can the Sunshine Ordinance help protect the health, safety and legal interests of all stakeholders in Hunters Point?

I’m Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa – I will not be violated!

Inadequate, illegal and denied “medical care” mirrors plantation protocol.

The most overlooked: model prisoners on a path of spiritual truth

CDCr’s relentless denial of prisoners’ humanity ironically often inspires the best of the best.

Bay View Voters Guide

Vote 100% by November 8.

What happened to Balagoon, Father of the Fruit? Part 2

Their minds survived, but SHU confinement dealt a death blow on their bodies.