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2022 November

Monthly Archives: November 2022

The hustle was real: From dealing to healing

A cut flower may look good, but cut off from the base, it will not last.

What do the kids have to say about abolition vs. poLice?

Listen to empowered, educated and intelligent voices of the kids.

Race is always on the ballot

US empire white supremacy is perpetually in design mode to maintain dominance over darker people.

Under Ben Jealous, will the Sierra Club finally stand with 94124?

The Superfund is calling – will Sierra Club’s new executive director Jealous go?

Open letter to Brittney Griner from U.S. imprisoned Lebron fan

The reach of love in human connection and solidarity is infinite.

40 days and 39 nights: Wanda Sabir journeys with Sojourner Truth 

Learning the Truth is the only way home.

Rwanda and Uganda’s M23 militia reappears to slaughter & plunder in DRC

US empire relentless with anti-democratic policies supporting authoritarian leaders and plunder of natural resources in the Congo and other nations globally.

Pandemic ripple effects still apparent in Bayview schools

SFUSD leaders still need to be held accountable to effectively addressing the ongoing pandemic impact on students.

Finding the answers

Barnett digs out legalities intentionally buried and obfuscated that can strategically assist incarcerated people.

Healing starts in Hunters Point

Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai and HPCBP creates real hope for environmental reparations and recovery.

Ranked choice voting shakes up Oakland mayoral election

Election candidates can be more successful by educating voters about RCV.

The Temptations are golden

Keeping the Temptations' good thing goin’ with “Ain’t Too Proud.”

Honoring and highlighting our unsung Black hires 

Looking deeply at the wide picture of hiring Black people.

Families rise against CPS, family court and child support injustice

The fight is on for the children – family rights are human rights.

Legendary thespian Aldo Billingslea talks theater and starring in the theatrical adaptation of Frank...

Tension between recognizing the humanity of your neighbor and twisting it for political gain resolves an exciting, relevant story with a happy ending!

Cheers to here

The real – with hope, reverence, purpose and love.

UC academics picket campuses in largest strike of the year

The state relentlessly hoards while The People fight for affordable food, housing and transportation.

SF launches Guaranteed Income for Transgender People (G.I.F.T.) 

The G.I.F.T. of relief shines bright for the great needs of our people.

Bay Area entertainment renaissance woman Keldamuzik speaks

Fired up Keldamuzik says, “No! I can do it ALL.”

Runaway love: What happened at the DNA Lounge?

Everyone is injured in every act of this ongoing play – can the final curtain bring a happy ending?